I adjusted my tie as I made my way through the revolving doors, smirking at myself in the reflection.

Oh, I was clever, and funny. I made Williams look like a moron, and made the boss laughing with me. Man, I’m good.

I took a victorious strut out of the door and into the sunlight.

And that final jab, to throw himself off a ledge. Wow, that got everyone going.

I was so satisfied with myself, I didn’t register that the screams to look out were directed towards me.


The noise, and accompanying gust of wind, forced me to close my eyes. And with that came a warm bath. I opened my eyes in shock. What happened?

I looked down on the street before me.


That was his ugly blue suit. His face…what was left of it. My mouth fell open as I looked around. This was a dream. It had to be.

To my left, a guy started puking in the street. The sound of it hitting the ground turned my stomach. I raised my arm to cover my face from the assaulting smell.

Then I saw it. Blood. Not on my hands, but covering me.