I was at 35,000 feet when I first saw it.
I wasn’t sure for a moment what it was. I looked out the airplane window, confused.

It was hurling through the clouds with such speed, such violent flames. I thought that it was a meteor. Perhaps some satellite that had malfunctioned and was tumbling to the Earth.

Those two ideas were mildly comforting. I understood them. I could rationalize them, and what their cause and effect would be.

The pilots must have seen the meteor/satellite as well; the plane banked to the right rather aggressively. They quickly apologized over the intercom, telling everyone what they thought the fire ball was.

The once silent airplane erupted with conversation and speculation, while I turned back towards the window to look again. To my surprise, the meteor hadn’t descended at all. I thought that it would have left a long black trail to it’s resting place on the ground already. But it was still there. The same place in the sky as when I first saw it.

The meteor exploded.

A pair of fiery wings burst from the explosion, and a set of hell darkened eyes looked at me.

A space dragon.


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