“Alright, who’s next?”

“Ummm…okay….we’ve got a few kids asking for that exclusive Pokemon character to appear in their bedrooms, so that they will have “caught them all”.

“Why are they so fascinated with these imaginary characters? Are the real life creatures that I created out of words no longer interesting to anyone?”

“God, I don’t know. I don’t understand humanity at the best of times. With everyone running around, head down, who knows?”

“You think I would. Sigh….alright. What other requests are there, Gabriel?”

“More people wanting to win the lottery that they won’t buy tickets for. Uhhh…a couple of girls are asking if you can reunite One Direction. A group of religious enthusiasts are chanting to you in Arabic. Asking for a watermelon dressed like a cheetah, or something.”

“Really? This is what people want from Me? I am the Sovereign Master and Creator of the Universe, and when they have the opportunity to approach My Throne, they ask for stuff? Sigh….oh my children. If you only realized what you had at your finger tips.”

“Oh, God, there is a lady asking that you let her dying cat into heaven.”

“Do I have to?”

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