When you’re drifting off to sleep, whatever else you do, do not look into the darkest corner of the ceiling. For me, it’s the North-East corner, just to the right of my bedroom window. Because of its proximity to the exterior lighting, it is constantly enveloped in shadow.

You see, this corner is the home to dark creatures. Those you wouldn’t want to meet when you were awake, much less when you’re falling to sleep and your defenses are down.
These creatures are not from this world, but from the world in between worlds. The Catholic church has labelled it Purgatory. A limbo between Heaven and Hell. And it is here that creatures, demons, and those who have no name linger. Or, so we thought.

As it turns out, those in Purgatory have a choice. To linger or to act. And, should they choose to act, they can charge into the world, the land of the living, and attempt to recapture a life in hopes of finally attaining Heaven or Hell. Either would be better to them then neither. They attack when we are at our weakest, which is in one of two stages: just before death, or just as we drift off to sleep.
So, if you do look into that darkest corner of the ceiling, just as you fall asleep, your doom is at hand.
For just as your eyes are about to close, you will catch the small smile of the demon.