The hillside sloped away, the bottom hidden by the fog.

Jason stood at the top and pondered what could be done there that made that noise. It wasn’t a big hill. There were no holes or storm drains, nothing that a person could hide in. Not that he remembered anyways.

He glanced over his shoulder uneasily. There was no fog behind him. He could clearly see the base of the hill that way. But looking in front of him, the fog lingered.

When Jason heard the cry, he thought it was a dog. But as the sound hung in the air, he reconsidered. It could have been some teenager just screaming or having fun in crisp October night. Maybe.

His doubts hung in the air just like his breath.

The strange noise was one thing. He could forget it. The fog, that was easily ignored. But having them both in the way of his path to see Sam. He didn’t want to keep her waiting, but there was a fear inside him that wouldn’t let go.

He heard the scream again. It was closer.

Jason looked at the fog at the bottom of the hill. It was growing, getting closer to him.