“Houston, this Lt. White signing off.”

“Alright, White. Signing off. See you in 5.”

I pushed myself away from the computer screen and towards my bunk. I really needed some shut eye. It had been a long day. A space walk. A near power outage. And then a 3 hour debriefing with NASA. I know they are worried about us and what is happening with this new space station. But, blah, I need sleep.

Upon buckling myself into bed, I heard a thump. I poked my head out to see if one of my crew members was moving about. The place was deserted. Everyone was in the bunks, sleeping after the long day.

I shrugged it off as the noises of a new house, and tried to lay my head on the pillow.


It was louder, and closer than before.

My eyes shut. I really didn’t want to get out of bed. The unbuckling, the moving about, NASA was going to ask about it. And as much as I loved having Big Brother watching my every step, I didn’t need today to get any longer.

I slid my bunk door open.

My face went space suit white.

There was a ghost, staring me in the face. And not a human ghost, or a cartoon like Casper. This was Laika, the Soviet dog, one of the first animals in space.

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