As the new President of The United States of America sat down in his royal chair, he pondered what would be in the Great Advise Book.

Every president that had come before him had written something deep and inspirational for the successor, even if it was for himself, and they were all contained in one book. Now, it sat on the President’s desk, longing to be opened again, and it’s wisdom dispensed.

What will I find in there? What did the Great Presidents have to say? He wondered staring at the aging leather faced book. Walk softly and carry a big stick? Never be alone with an attractive female assistant? There was no way of knowing without opening it, so the President took the plunge.

He carefully undid the old brass buckles and flipped to the first page and became to read.

“Dear Sir, Within these pages you will find the great and inspiring words of the Office of The President of The United States of America. May you be encouraged and uplifted by our experience and wisdom.

But, be careful. For these words may also spell your doom and the destruction of our great nation. Beware.

Sincerely, George Washington.”