I’m not what you would call, a “spiritual” person. But when God speaks to you in a dream, you start rethinking things. And when God tells you that humanity is doomed, and that there is only one way to bring salvation to the whole of Earth, you receive that information.

But….I got all this information in a dream…does that mean my subconscious made it all up?

To me the idea of one all knowing, all powerful creator seems a bit hooky. I never put much stock into any organized religion. Not because I had reason not to, I just never gave faith or belief in something higher than myself much thought.

So, maybe this actually was God speaking to me. But why would He speak to me? Or is it She? They?

I’m a freshmen at a small liberal arts school in the Northwest, and I’m a pothead. If I’m not baked out of my mind by 11:30 very day, I must be doing some mandatory school work so that I don’t get kicked out.

Did God normally speak to weirdos like me? Or just the straight edges? And why was the way of salvation a membership at Gold’s Gym?


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