“Alright, but how do the 3 zebras fit into this plan?”

“I already told you Tom. They are part of the distraction at the end. I come running out with the money. As soon as you see me, you let them go.”

It didn’t matter if Tom understood. It didn’t matter if he released the 3 zebras at the right time. Because at no point in the actual planning of this mission was Tom going to be getting a cut. He was the scapegoat, and he had no idea.

Truth be told, most of the team were scapegoats. The only ones that were going to see any money in their pockets were me, Al the Plumber, and Rhonda the Driver. Between the three of us, we would split almost 1.1 million dollars.

That may seem like a small haul, but that was more than I thought we could get from a small casino in Northern Canada.

“Does everyone else understand their role? Or do I need to go over this again?”

I looked at the crew of 10 we had assembled. Most were just staring at the casino model on the table. Rhonda shot me a look.

“Fine. But this is the last time.”



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