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I’ve been living on this god-forsaken rock for my entire life. Same as my mom. Dad, no idea. He left long ago. Mom says that he was needed for some science expedition.

Just another lie she tells me to keep me sane, or under control, or something. I don’t fully understand what her method of child rearing is. Most of the time it’s just a lot of yelling and screaming, followed by a few corn beer bottles hurdled my direction.

From what the video achieves have taught me, life here on the “Moon” is just like it was on Earth, before it all went dead.

Some nights, when mom has passed out, and the robo-patrol is far enough away from our pod, I steal a suit, and go look at the Earth.

I found a spot just over the cliff edge of Tranquility Sea Basin. It’s nice and quiet. I can just stare off into the distance and think. And imagine.

I imagine my life isn’t a Hill Billy rerun. I imagine that my dad actually did something with his life. I imagine that life on this Moon wasn’t coming to an end too. I imagine what it would have been like to life on a planet where hope was in abundance, and with a little sacrifice, life would could be so much better.

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