Okay guys. Blake here. Crazy update.

You know I’ve always been a huge space nerd, but this is the most insane thing I have seen. Not a picture or a sound file, but a website.

Hear me out before you click away.



Click the link.

It’s an old website, from the 90’s that does exactly what you would think. It’s a counter of the number of people in space. When 3 people go up, the number chances. When 3 come down,…you get the idea. It has been running that way since it was set up.

A friend turned me onto it, so periodically I check it. You know, for fun.

Look. Here is a screen shot of last night. Okay. Last night at 22:51.54 MT , it showed that there was 6 people in space.

Now look at this screen shot, only 7 seconds later. At 22:52.01 MT,…it says there were 6,000 people in space.

Then, at 22:52.03, it’s back to 6 people.

Let those numbers sink in for a minute. 6. Then 6000. Then 6. In 7 seconds.

Where did 5,994 people come from, and then vanish to? And why is no one talking about it?