While some people are still waiting for the sequel, I’m enjoy the original.
This may be the best female buddy cop movie out there. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock make an amazing emotional/comedic team, telling a simple story of an stuck-up FBI agent working with a loose canon cop. Hilarity ensues. Tears are stead (by the characters, not me).

It’s a good time. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something that could be fixed.

This is how I would fix The Heat: tone down the language.

Now, you might think that I’m old fashioned like Captain America. I’m not saying that there should be any language. I’m not trying to legislate some kind of religious ideal onto a movie. I understand the characters. I know where they are coming from and where the story arc is taking them.

The scene where Sandra Bullock starts swearing at a conference room of FBI agents, including her boss, displays her loosening up and actually caring about someone. Prior to that moment, she was all about her job. She put no stock in people. That swear storm was a good movie.

But the amount, the shear number of swear words that Melissa McCarthy drops in this movie pushes the boundaries of what is necessary, even early on in the film.

Again, let me say that I understand that this is the loose canon character. She lives on the streets. She is a hard person. She doesn’t take crap from no one, if you catch my drift. And that is fine. That is a good character, and she has a wonderful arc.

That much swearing though can really pull you out of the movie. It almost becomes a stand-up comedy bit where the comic is trying to get the crowd energized by saying all these nasty things. It can work, comedians do that for a reason, but it can turn from being comedy to simple vulgarity very quickly.

I wouldn’t want to change the plot, the characters, anything about this movie, expect for the amount of language. There doesn’t need to be over 120 F-bombs, no matter what the movie.

And that’s how to fix it!