Adolf stood over the map of Europe, alone in his personal War Room. He had cleared the room mere moments ago; upon hearing the news the F.D. Roosevelt had declared war on Japan. The declaration came shortly after Pearl Harbor, a military base in a water-bound state belonging to America. The attack had been barbaric, even for him.

The war had gone as planned. The British and their allies, rallying behind this Winston fellow, had made several attempts at advancing, but had not held a victory over Adolf’s troops. Even along the eastern front, the Russians had not been able to route the superior SS driver forces. Adolf allowed himself a smile. He had done well; at least, until now.

He knew what had brought this on. The Order, a mysterious power, which, only a decade ago, had aided him in rising in power. They had given him orders, a charge to mold his country into one of the greatest in the world. But they had asked him to use minds, the genius factor, they had called it. Adolf had originally agreed. Power, as it was, corrupted his sight, and lead him to choose a more forceful approach.

Adolf looked down at the outline of Germany. His biggest concern was Auschwitz. The Order did not know of this. The world did not know. Not yet. And when they did, they would hate him and his people for it. The time had come for him to take on, not only the world but The Order itself.

Adolf would declare war on America.