Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart star in this action/adventure film, where the US President (Eckhart) is being hunted by international terrorist in London. There to attend a political figure’s funeral, the city begins to fall to different attacks. It’s up to Butler’s character to keep the President safe.

It’s a good movie. Lots of fast paced action. Nothing that is too over the top or unbelievable. But there is a problem, something that I think held this movie back from being better. There was a fundamental piece that was missing that would have made this a movie more people enjoyed.

Here’s how I would fix London Has Fallen: A couple lines of dialogue would fix it all for me.

Because I haven’t seen Olympus Has Fallen, the relationships and qualifications that Butler’s character have go completely unexplained.

Why is he asking this woman to be his unborn child’s godparent? Why are he and the President so buddy-buddy? Where did Butler gain all this tactical experience when he is a bodyguard?

I do realize that all of this could have been explained in Olympus Has Fallen, and that is good. That is ground that should be covered. But it should be covered in any movie; prequel, sequel, or original. Explain the characters emotions, relationships, and abilities. That way, no matter how many movies come before or after, you will have a solid movie with solid story telling, and solid characters, that can be enjoyed whenever. It won’t have to be enjoyed as a part of a movie marathon, or explained by someone watching with you.

This may sound like something small and insignificant, but it can frustrate the audience when they are lacking this information. A line or two of dialogue and everything is fixed. The action can commence and the adventure continue.

And that is how to fix it!