In the past, the Olympics were a happy event.

The world would gather their best and most accomplished athletes and they would compete for medals of gold, silver, and bronze. While the rivalries were right, there were no wars, no violent attacks that broke out from the events themselves. But that was the 21st century. Things have changed.

Now, the Olympics decide the life and death of nations.

Because overpopulation was a problem not solved by space exploration and exoplanetary development, a new method of dealing with billions of people had to be devised. Rather than giving an athlete and a country a medal, the Olympic Committee decided to give life and death.

Athletes still competed in the same Summer and Winter events, but if an athlete didn’t finish in the top 5, they were put to death. And then the nation was expunged of it’s people.

It was survival of the fittest on the greatest stage in the world. Everyone watched, because everyone’s fate was tied to how well an athlete did. Some said that the Olympics were rigged so that some nations would live on, to continue to rule. That may have been true, but the world was in for a surprise.

This year, America lost.

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