“Alright Doctor Von Horrif, you have won. You have defeated the superheroes of the world. You have disabled the world’s defenses. We have nothing to throw at you anymore. You effectively rule the world.”

“Yes I do.”

The President looked around at the rest of the United Nations delegates. What were they going to do? A villain had won. And now they were under his authority. What evil and depraved thing would he command them to do?

“So what do you want now?” someone shouted from the back.

“A very good question, my global territory leaders.”

He rose from his makeshift throne to make his declarations.

“First, and effective immediately, we are destroying all coal power plants on the earth. This violent pollutant needs to be stopped.”

The crowd remained silent, though one could almost hear their collective thought, “What?”

“Second, all workers from said coal power plants will be reemployeed and tasked with planting 3000 new sequoia tree forests. We will remove the pollutant, and work to remove it’s horrific effects on this planet.”

The US President spoke up. “Wait, you want to help save the earth?”

“Of course. I live here too. Why would I want to rule over the graveyard of humanity?”

“Okay, okay,” the President replied,” I get it. Just checking.”

Von Horrif continued on to his third point. The US President turned to the group of UN delegates, with raised eyebrow. “Guys, this may not be that bad after all.”

“Are you kidding? We are slaves!” said the Prime Minister of England.

“Look. He wants to save the planet. We all keep our jobs. We all stay alive. The things he wants, they are all things we want to. More jobs. Cleaner air. And whatever it is he’s talking about now. This is what we all wanted our heroes to do, but they never did.”
The Prime Minister shuffled back a step and joined those around him in contemplation.

“Fourth, we will solve world hunger. All major cities in the North American Bible Belt prairies will be incinerated, and turned into a global farm for the nations. This will also happen in the EuroAsia.”

At that announcement, the Czar of Russia spoke up.

“You cannot do dis to my country. I am in command.”

Von Horrif stopped and turned towards the Czar. “Oh really? Who is going to stop me? You, Czar? Let me make this abundantly clear, for all of you. I want to live on this planet. I want to live well on this planet. While you may stay in control of your land, your governments, I control you. And your lands, and your governments. What I say, it will happen. Whether you like it or not.”

He pulled out a gun and vaporized the Czar. His ashy remains hung in the air for a moment before piling on the floor.

“Do not fool yourselves. Our goals may align for the time being, but I am still the bad guy in this story.”