“Welcome class, and this is Human Species 101.”

I couldn’t believe that I was taking this class.

“Let me start by saying that this is not a class where we dissect and examine the peculiar innards of the human body. If that is what you are looking for, you want Ms. Waarmburgstien’s class, Human Biology 102.”

A few seat screeched as they were pushed back, and a few students left the room.

“Now, I’ll assume the rest of you want to be here because you are interested in the strange water/land people of the planet they call Earth. Whether it is for business purposes, simple curiosity, or for the freaks in the room, to fulfill your animalistic sexual urges.”

The boyish chuckles from the back row affirmed the professors assumptions, and I cleared my throat.

“Let’s get started.” He pushed up the first chalkboard to reveal a sketch of a man. “Can anyone tell me, or identify, which sex of the human species this is?”

“Female?” “Male?” “That third one?” Different people were shouting different answers. It was so strange. Was the human species that complicated or these people so unsure of who they were? Couldn’t they see that I was a human?