The last dream I had?

I don’t know if it will mean anything, Doctor, but okay.


Well, I was this banquet celebration type gathering. Lots of people that I seemed to know, but can’t picture any of their faces. For some reason, everyone was focusing on me or something I had done.

But also, I felt larger than everyone else, like I was looking down on them. Seeing the tops of heads, but seeing faces. You know?

Suddenly, a professor of mine from my college days get up to the podium. And he starts braiding me. Name calling. Throwing every terrible thing I ever did in my face. Like I was suddenly guilty of a life time of sin right then, as if each sin was commit right then, and all against him somehow.

And I can remember getting smaller, and faces began turning towards me.

No, I didn’t recognize anyone…but I know that they were sad and disappointed in me.

Uh, I felt hurt. I felt frustrated. I felt angry.

I mean who was this guy to start condemning me? That isn”t what teachers are supposed to do. That isn’t what leaders or mentors are supposed to do, right?

I don’t know…like I said…it was a dream.