Money and Clock

You aren’t allowed to die until all your debts are paid.

It seemed like an impossible thing to impose on the nations of the world. But what Lord Chancellor Dawkins says goes.

My Nana was 105. We gathered around her bed. The pneumonia had been eating away at her for a while, and it seemed like it was time. She gave us a quiet smile, and closed her eyes. A quiet exhale. And that was it.

Then her body jolted forward, and her screamed….well, we realized that the Lord Chancellor had a lot more power than we assumed.

It turned out that nana had $4500 in debt, sitting on a credit card. But being a retired widow, with no sizeable income, she wasn’t able to pay it off. So the family, with the horror of a resurrected nana still fresh in our minds, polled what little money we had together.

It took some time, but we got all she needed to cover her debts. Not that it was a good thing.

My uncle went to finalize it all, while the rest of the family took Nana for a walk. Just after we turned the first corner, she screamed again. Harrowing. Piercing. And then she collapsed.

Her debt was finally paid, at 117.

As everyone started weeping and gathering around Nana, I began to think. I had $37,000 in student debt, for my first semester of university. When would I die?