Hey everyone!

It’s Reg.

There is a shift in the air, as is customary when January 1st is just around the corner.

And we are shifting things around here too. Let me explain.

1.) We are moving to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule!
Rather than posting on the odd days on the calendar, we are changing it up. This way we can be more consistent in posting and giving you quality 200 word stories all year long.

2.) We are keeping 500 Word Stories on the 15th.
Why change a good thing?

3.) We are moving 1000 Word Stories!
Rather than at the story of the month, we are going to be posting our longest stories at the end of the month. This gives us some more time to invest and crank out better stories.

(Quick note: if you do the math, or look at a calendar, you will notice that some days, there will be multiple stories scheduled to post. We know! It’s our little gift to you.)

4.) A looser schedule means we can offer you more.
Maybe not in the way of stories. But what about in the way of ebooks?
That’s something I’ve wanted to be doing for a while, and will let you guys know how I’m progressing as I figure it out.
I want to take the stories you love and collect them so they are all in one place. And in a prestigious format, I can smooth out some of the rougher stuff so that the stories you like are better and fuller than before.

5.) A looser schedule means I can do more.
I’ve been trying to make/find time to write books. Not ebooks, but actual hold them in your hands books. This will give me the freedom to pursue that more. Some my ideas have grown out of 200 Word Stories. Others are not. But either way, I want to see these ideas grow from the spurts they are into the trees of joy and knowledge that they can be.

And that’s it. (I think that’s it.)

Thank you all for being here, supporting me with your likes and kind words.
I’m excited about 2017 and what is going to happen here at 200 Word Stories.

See you in the comments.

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