“It’s a New Year! Who’s life can I royally screw up this time?”

For a demon, Filmore Horrigard was as average as they came. Nothing special. He didn’t have monstrous wings, or diabolical horns, or a very sinister voice. His brothers and sisters were special in those kinds of ways, but not Filmore.

But what he lacked in physical appearance, he made up for in ambition, in energy, in the will to do. And with a new calendar year starting, he felt like he was given a new chance to prove that he could be one of the great demons of his day.

After scarfing down a quick breakfast, he made his way to the Darker Halls. He wasn’t supposed to be there. He hadn’t graduated from the School of Greys, and his acceptance into the Dark Way Academy hadn’t come in the mail. But he wanted to be in the presence of the greats. To breath in their air. To hear the conversations. To, maybe, be noticed by a headmaster, and tutored to be a Grand Demon.

Filmore didn’t get very far. Headmaster Rimgoud refused him entry, saying he was too young, and too ordinary.

“But I have ambition! I have a go-getter attitude!” he yelled.

“Do you really think that an attitude is all it takes to change who you are?”