“I have done as thou hath commanded, my King.” The young knight bowed low at the throne of the Great King Tiberius.

“Indeed. And what hath I commanded?”

“My lord, thou hath sent me out, beyond the Great Forrest, across the White River, to slay the dragon.”

“Thou hath done what?” The Great King lifted himself off his throne with anger. The frightened knight cowered.

“My lord?…Is something wrong?”

“Tell me again, what thou hath done sir knight, lest my ears deceive me.”

The knight was shaken. Had he misspoke? Surely, he had told his king the truth. Maybe more slowly, that way his lips would spread the truth. “Oh…of course my lord. I went beyond the forrest, across the river, to slay the dragon.”

There was a deafen silence in the hall. All eyes were on the Great King. He seemed to be in tremendous pain.

“Curses on you sir knight. Curses on you, and your household forever.”

“My lord?”

“I did not command thy to go forth and slay the dragon. Your own ears have deceived you. For I commanded, ‘Go, and pray to the dragon.’ That dragon was our protector, our safety. What evil hath thou brought on my kingdom?”