(This is Part Two of the story. Be sure to read Part One.)

The idea of murder didn’t really bother me when I was still on Earth. Talk of this mission seemed largely hypothetical. If something happens, and such and such occurs, then…

But it wasn’t hypothetical anymore. I had my orders, even though they would damn me forever. I was a solider, and I would do what I was told.

The first person to go would be our navigation specialist. With her gone, there would be more difficult for anyone to set our trajectory home. Yes, the co-pilot could, but he was second to go. Hopefully I would be able to get rid of them both at the same time.

“This is it! This is the farthest anyone has ever traveled!”

The excited Lieutenant’s exclamation brought me back from my plotting. The six of us gathered in front of our observation window to see uncharted space.

It was black, dark, just like the rest of space. The science team might as well have been kids in a candy store. Their face where pressed against the glass, pointing at a star, then a nebula, then a possible exoplanet.

I chuckled quietly to myself. The joy of ignorance. Life wasn’t as black and white as they thought. And soon the universe would know it too.



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