(This is Part Two of the story. If you haven’t read Part One, click here now.)

“Don’t you think that cats should get into heaven, God?”

“That isn’t the issue Gabriel. You know that.”

“Sigh, I know, Lord.”

“It’s…it’s that these are the things that people ask Me for. Of all the things, in all the universes, that you could ask The Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth, the most pressing thing is ‘Do cats get into heaven?'”

As the observer of Heaven, it is my job to record what I hear. Not what I see, but the conversations that go on in the Holy Throne Room of Grace, where God sits and conducts His business. I am the para-angel, Shama-El, He-who-listens-to-God.

I record this, not because this Kingdom will ever pass away, but for the insight of new Citizens in Heaven. This is how God acts and reacts to your prayers, intercession, and requests. While the new Citizens cannot do anything about these prayers, it will illuminate the deep rooted Disease that reeked havoc, even in their state of Grace.

Let us return to interaction of the Lord and His messenger.

“But God, you did tell that Dave Weiss that all dogs go to Heaven?”

“No, Gabriel. What I said to him was merely a repeat of what Paul said. And then Hollywood got involved and changed everything that Dave had. It was a good screenplay before they messed it all up.”

“But dogs do go…”

“Again, not the point!”

Dear reader, do not mistake the Lord’s frustration for His anger. Just as a parent wants their child to go to sleep when they are exhausted and dropsy eyed, so the Lord desires the best thing for His Children. And when they talk and giggle and do everything but what He wants, He only aches because His Children do not understand what He does.

“What other prayer requests are there, Gabriel?”

“There are numerous prayer requests about the American election, for Trump, against Trump. And for Clinton, going both ways.”

“Hmmm. This may be a prayer I do not answer.”


This is not the cruelty of God. Nor is it an example of God’s arm being too short. There are times within history where God allows mankind to work as He designed them to: as co-creators, as a people that aid in crafting the world. In this case, if America wants to vote for one candidate over the other, God will let them, even if it is to their own detriment. Such is the grace of God and the power of the human will.

“Yes, Gabriel, really.”

“As you will, my King.”

“Anything else?”

“Uhh, yes…apparently PETA is getting religious and is asking that you should help them to save all the muskrats from being poisoned by all the oil pipelines.”

“I would love to save the muskrats. I enjoyed creating them. But PETA needs to figure out that posing naked for advertising isn’t helping their cause. They need to actually start protesting the oil pipelines.”

“So is that a yes?”

“That is a “Wait”.”

“And one more old lady asking about her cat…”

“Enough with the cats!”

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