“Welcome to The Everything Library.”

The robotic faced receptionist didn’t confuse me. AI had taken most jobs away from people. It gave them more free time to do those things that make humans most human. They studied the arts, mastered culinary mysteries, spent hours discussing philosophy and religion, and searched the stars.

“I’m sorry…this is the…?”

“This is The Everything Library. While libraries of the past offered resources such as books, movies, and different classes for personal enjoyment, The Everything Library offers you the opportunity to borrow anything that you can imagine.”

I was familiar with the libraries of the past. My mother had instilled a love of the old world in me as a child. But everything, anything could be borrowed?

“Anything?” I said to the AI receptionist. “What if I want to borrow…uhh…a spatula?”

“Building C4, under Basic Baking Utensils.”

“Hmmm…what about a…3 1/4 inch floppy disk drive?” I had never seen one. They were an outdated and ineffective method of storing memory, but Mom had kept some in a box under her bed.

“Building A1. Under Obsolete Technology.”

Ok, I thought. Time for a tough one.

“Alright. What about a girlfriend?”

The receptionist’s head tilted. Then she responded.

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