(This is Part Three of our story. Be sure to read Part One and Part Two.)

“Lord, there is one prayer that seems to be repeated over and over again.”

“Hmm, what is that Gabriel?”

“There is a sick boy, a baby. Hardly two weeks old. They are asking for healing, for restoration, for your divine intervention.”


I, again, return to instruct and give insight to you, new Citizens of Heaven. Do not assume that because the Lord delays in an answer that He is cruel or unable to instantly solve the problem. For the Eyes of God see what you cannot see, what even the angels, yes Gabriel too, cannot see. The past, present, and future are before Him at all times, and considers everything in an instant before He gives a reply to His faithful messenger.

“My Lord? What is your response?”

I must again tell you, I am Shama-El, He-who-listens-to-God. I cannot tell you what happened beyond what my ears have heard. And what I heard was the deep weeping of a broken heart. Like the cry of a lover scorned and abandoned. Like the cry of new widow seeing the body laid to rest. I heard God’s heart break.

“Gabriel. Bring the boy Home.”

Gabriel gave no response, but knowing him as I do, he assuredly bowed his head in holy respect.

“I know it will break the hearts of the family. I know that it will kill them inside…but of this sickness, there is no cure. Not for another 120 years. Their hearts will break, they will be angry at me…but in this lose they will find a family unity that they would not find any other way.”

“Is it worth it, Lord?”

This time, it was the Lord that gave no answer. Not that He was unable to, for there is no limit to His knowledge, no mystery that He does not know. But His silence gave voice to His great heart, the deep love for His Children, through the pain, through the evil, through the death.

There was a great pause in the decision of Gabriel and The Lord. Then an other question from His Messenger.

“My Lord, you still haven’t answered the question. Do cats get into Heaven?”

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