Mount Rushmore

In America’s darkest hour, the shadowy powers that be decided to initiate “The Rushmore Protocol”.

While the public knows of its existence, no details were ever released. Doing so would have revealed the true nature of the iconic tourist attraction, Mount Rushmore.

The year was 2021. President Trump had begun his second term. A poor business deal with the newly established Kingdom of Korea resulted in war. With Korea being a superpower in the world, they launched their nuclear missiles on America.

The devastation was horrific and massive.

Texas no longer existed as a whole, physical body of land. The Gulf of Mexico emptied into the low lands.

The Eastern Seaboard was plunged into the Atlantic, from Delaware to Florida.

The Western Seaboard erupted into so much volcanic activity, it was months before any research missions could be attempted.

While the public was lost in a period of great mourning and existential crisis, the President stood his ground. Trump, in an impulsive move, initiated “The Rushmore Protocol.”

Beneath the stone heads of the four greatest presidents, sciences were working on the latest weapons of global destruction. Their latest, the miniature Hadron Collider missile, a black-hole bomb.

The Kingdom of Korea would soon be vaporized.

But at what cost to the world?

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