Minted in 2021. In ST.

For people that were coin collectors, that information probably didn’t mean much. Coins were minted every year. The old one were collected and destroyed, replaced by shinier bit of currency. Sometimes the face is changed, or a commemoration of sorts is put onto the “head” side of the coin. Most people don’t notice these things.

“Money is money. It is meant to be spent, not hoarded in a box or a safe,” my dad always said. “Why work hard for something if it ain’t goin’ to do you a lick of good?”, quipped my grandfather.

They never understood my fascination with money. It was completely bizarre in their minds. When they had their noses to the grind stone or plowing in the fields, I was gazing into the fine craftsmanship of a silver dollar.

Something didn’t make sense. The locations of the mints in the United States. There was one in Denver. Coins minted there were stamped “D”. Coins stamped with a “P” were from the mint in Philadelphia. Nowhere else on the continent were coins made.

So where did a coins stamped ST come from? And why did it say 2021 when it is 1875?