“Killing a person will increase your life span by 20 years. It’s a high price to pay to continue living, but death is not so inviting that we do not pay.”

The mantra rang loudly in my head, as his blood ran down my arm.

“Killing a person will increase your life span by 20 years.”

An exhausted breath of iron-rich air, and I felt the life force surge through me bringing me back. I was pushing 85 now, and this was my second kill. I hobbled over to the brick wall to rest for a moment. While life span was increased, physical strength and over health was completely unaffected. It was much harder to take down this man than I had anticipated.

The days of “dying of old age” are long gone. This is the Age of Immortality.

I kept calling him “this man” or “that man” because I didn’t want to deal with what I had done. But reality spoke clearer than I could, I had murdered by neighbour. Now I would live without that friend for 20 years.

And now I would be hunted as well. My life was more precious because I was the only one left on my block.

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