In the beginning, there was nothing, only The Twins. On the left was Logos. On the right, Pathos. The two lived in harmony, each letting the other do as they wished. But the space before the universe was born remained empty.

This emptiness began to surround and overwhelm Logos and Pathos. They felt stifled and suppressed by the lack of anything. Huddling together, they feared that their existence would be snuffed out. Logos had no strength to overtake the darkness. Pathos felt the fear, the worry, the stress, all the negativity mounting in the universe, and froze. All of the blackness, all the negativity swirling around The Twins had left them powerless. But there were other forces at work, within the dark.

Balance, Order, and Chaos, the trinity unseen, brought forth out of the dark two new beings. Equal in stature and position to The Twins, but uniquely created to fend off the dark. Into this, Ethos and Ergon were born, The Siblings.

Ethos commanded Logos to speak to Pathos, to give her insight to what was and was not. Ergon took what Logos said, filled himself with the passion of Pathos, harnessed the convictions of Ethos, and together they dispelled the darkness.

All four were need, all four worked together, all four triumphed.

Darkness was not destroyed, but moved. Light shone in the midst of The Four. Darkness shrouded The Three. Together, The Four and The Three would go on to shape a universe of Life.