“If your future-self hasn’t travelled back in time to stop you from making a decision, your choice can’t be that bad.”

I know. I know. But what if time travel isn’t invented in your life time? It’s a stupid saying to live your life by, but do you have a better one?

This takes away the stress of worrying about what I’m about to do. Should I date this girl? No one is stopping me. It can’t be the worst thing in the world. Should I take that job? No one is running down the street, yelling “DON’T DO IT!”, so why not?

And yes, hind-sight is 20-20, so I know that I shouldn’t have dated that girl now. She did turn into a psychopath and try to murder my cat. And yes, the economy fell apart and that job ended up being out-sourced to Mexico. I should have done some more checking before I jumped at that one.

But why of all the things that couldn’t have ruined by my life did future me stop me from eating that food cart hotdog? I mean what could have possibly happened?

That is the story I’m going to tell you now…