I couldn’t move. The room was spinning. I tried to close my eyes, but I couldn’t. The left one kinda closed, but it didn’t help. This was the biggest headache I had ever had. But I hadn’t drank, so what was causing the headache? It wasn’t a hangover. I knew what those were. Too many, too often. This was different.

With my one open eye, I scanned the room. It wasn’t my bedroom, it didn’t have a ceiling fan that was spinning. And spinning. That was making things worse. Through the pain, I slammed my eye shut, and put my hands on my stomach. I was going to puke. I knew it. Stupid spinning fan.

The pain in my stomach wouldn’t stop, so I started to roll over, hoping that new position would change things. It didn’t. But the shift caused me to put my hands into something wet and sticky.

My first thought was, It’s okay, just puke. Puke will make everything better. Let it all out.

But my second thought was deeper. There was a familiar smell. A smell that soothed my headache, but throw my stomach into knots.


Oh no, I had gone on an anti-Valentine’s Day bender. Then it all started flashing back.