Can a person have too many books? I used to ask myself that all the time.

Like right before I walked into a bookstore. Right before I moseyed past a thrift shop. Right before I strolled past a yard or garage sale. Right before I saw a sign for a book sale. Right before I got a paycheque. Right before someone asked me to get them coffee.

Can a person have too many books? No. That’s why my house has no pictures on the walls. That’s why there are no couches or chairs. That is why there are no fixtures or personal touches to let you know that it was my house. There are just books.

Floor to ceiling, room after room of books. They cover the stairs. They hold open doors. They become shelves for even more books. They are my bed and my blankets.

My “friends” think that I have a problem. They say that I have a book buying addiction. I say I love books, even if I haven’t read any of them. I will, it’s just knowing where to start that is a problem. They tried to hold an intervention for me, saying the books were a problem. I left, abandon my friends.

Bought a book about meeting and making new friends. It made me feel better.

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