My nan hasn’t left the house in 8 years. She refuses to wear the haz-suit. Says that we weren’t meant to live like this. The world was meant to be touched and felt, to be rubbed up against. But those were the old days, I tell her. The world isn’t the same as it once was.

I wish I did live in that world, the world of old. A world where a girl had to have sex to get pregnant. Now, pregnancy is contagious.

I don’t remember how it happened. Occasionally they will talk about it on the news, how there is a rise in pregnancies over last year, some new tech company has developed a new has-suit that is better and lighter than the year before. What I know is this, girls have to wear haz-suits or they get pregnant. And this isn’t a pregnancy that you want.

Nan said pregnancy used to last nine months and then you had a baby. In rare cases, you might have twins or triples. More than that, even more rare. Now, if you catch pregnancy, a new baby starts developing, even if you already have one.

A girl in my school caught pregnancy 4 times in one year. She didn’t make it. One baby was ready to be born, the other three complicated things so much that her heart couldn’t pump enough blood to all four kids and her body. Doctors said her heart looked like that of a 85 year old smoker, wore out and abused.

Since that happened, I’ve worn a haz-suit to school everyday. Well, that’s what I told my nan, and now have to hide from her.

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