Everyone has a doppelgänger. Everyone, and I don’t mean twins or triples or something like that. Although that created a whole new mess for our society to figure out. I mean everyone has a double of them, but only one can live past the age of 24.

Our society is built on competition, on being the best version of yourself. You don’t have to be a billionaire executive, or a world class athlete. You just need to be best at whatever it is that you decide to do with your life. Be the best version of you, they always say. And if you can’t, your doppelgänger will kill you, take your place, and live out your destiny.

That is how things are supposed to work. Most people meet their doppelgänger on their 24th birthday or a few days before. Something happened and I met mine when I was 6. My doppelgänger is my best friend.

Right now, we are on the run from the authorities. I refused to kill my best friend when I turned 24. They did not look kindly on my response. The wanted bulletins keep saying that I should not be allowed to live if found.

My name is Philip Grove, and this is the story of how I toppled a nation.