“Don’t worry about it guys. I’m buying.”

“Andrew, you just bought us tickets to the movies. I saw your wallet. It’s empty. You just had enough money to pay for all five of us.”

He wasn’t wrong. I did have just the right amount of cash to pay for movie tickets. But that was what made my wallet interesting. It was always filled with just enough money to buy whatever it was I wanted.

I would open it up when I went to pay for a soda. 2 bucks. Never more. Never less. My mom asked me to pick her up some toothpaste a few days earlier. $3.50 exactly. Even the quarters were there.

I wasn’t worried about paying for the post-movie ice cream. It was part of our routine. The gang had always gone for ice cream after we saw a movie. But now, things were different I had money. And there was no stopping me from buying whatever I wanted.

“Andrew! What the heck?”

I had gotten lost in my thoughts. I had no idea what they were shouting about, or looking at. I glanced down at my wallet.

Hundred dollar bills were pouring out of my wallet.

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