I sat by the sea, and tried to forget. But the longer I stared upon the deep, the more my mind desired to dwell on that which I wanted to forget.

Maybe it was the blue, the colour itself, that drew me back into those eyes. Maybe it was the depth, reminding me of the soulful conversations we had shared into the wee hours. Maybe it was the slow breaking but powerful waves, recalling the tumbles we had shared between the sheets.

I sat for hours. Smile gave way to sorrowful frown, which gave way to quiet chuckle, and returned to a soft smile. The vibrant blue water turned a sinister black, darkened against a crimson sky.

A heaviness fell upon me as the sun slipped away, and just like that it was gone. The sinister black of the sea cloaked the sky, chilling me to the bone. The earth was echoing my heart. As the sun had gone, so had my beloved.

I was at a loss. The words of family and friends carried no meaning. The prayers and hymns of the mournful did not connect with my soul.

So I sat by the sea, and tried to forget.