I’m used to be judged. Partly because its a part of my job, but the other part comes from my training for my job.

I use the work ‘job’ loosely.

When I walk into a fast food restaurant, people just stop and stare. From the time that I order, to my walking my order to a table, to my first bite, to the last one, customers and employees walk in amazement.

It’s not that I’m a big guy. You might call me a toothpick. 135 lbs, five feet, two inches. But that not why they stare. I am a hotdog eating champion; twice national runner up, 9 times Texas State champ, 15 times Austin Hotdog Feast champ. They stare because of the amount of food that I eat.

I get used to it. They assume I can’t do it. There is no way he can eat 15 double cheeseburgers. They are wrong. There is no way he can put away 20 large fries. They have no idea what I can do.

I’m used to be judged. So when someone encouraged me, when someone pushed me to be better, I stopped. I took it all in.

It went like this.

I walked in to the local fast food restaurant, strolled up the till and placed my order. The girl at the register just listened. She didn’t enter my order, just watched. I realized that she was watching me, but it was different. Not like the people standing beside me. She leaned back, like she was waiting for Fate to give her her cue.

Fate cued, and she leaned forward, “Do you want The Grilled Godzilla?”

Perplexed, I leaned in, “What is The Grilled Godzilla?”