(This is Part 4 of the story. Make sure you read Parts 1, 2, and 3 first.)


“My Lord, I am but your messenger. Those You have created ask if cats will be in heaven. I only repeat what they pray.”

“Sigh. I know, good Gabriel. I know.”

Heaven is a place of great music, O new Citizen of Heaven. Choirs sing songs in colours you have not seen. Seraphim dance a holy dance that brings joy to the hearer. But there are times when there is silence. Not a pause between song or dance, but a silence. Everyone, everything, every heavenly creature ceases all they are doing.

Even I, the recording angle, Shama-El, stop to take in the silence of Heaven. There is not fear or terror in the quiet. There is in this place a holy reverence…God is preparing to move greatly in the life of those who could be Citizens.

Oh, that I may one day see the God move and stir up Himself.

“What else are My people praying, Gabriel?”

“There is an older gentleman praying, asking about seeing his dear wife, seeking answers as to what you have in store for him after his time on Earth.”

Citizens, remember what the Apostle said, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor heart imagine the things that God has prepared for those that love Him.” I will say this, however, to hear the Lord laugh…to hear His genuine joy burst forth…it is to hear pure joy.

“Awww, Gabriel. How do I answer such requests? Do I overwhelm him with the imagery of heavens? Do I dazzle him with nature of worlds that he cannot see? Do I flood him with joy and gladness so great that he would outshine the stars? How can a mere mortal contain what I have for him? How I wish I could give him his heart’s desire. How I wish to bless him in ways he does not know.”

Dear Citizens, to hear the Lord of Heaven sigh is a sensation to behold. Such fragrances of beauty have never been.

“Gabriel, envelope him in My Spirit, that He may know that I am there, even if his prayer seems unanswered. By My Spirit, he will taste but a glimpse of the sweet peace and holy security of My Love.”

“Absolutely, my Lord….but Lord?

“Yes, Gabriel?”

“What about the cats?”