It’s a kids game. Tell three truths, three things about you and your history that are factually accurate, and one lie. See if your friends can tell which is the lie.

See if you can figure it out.

1. I am the world’s deadliest assassin.
There isn’t a list that ranks us, one to ten. Rather, it is my name that is on the top of the FBI, CIA, and Interpol Most Wanted lists. The last official tally was 25 government officials, 12 cooperate leaders, and 3 multimillionaires. Unofficially, there are hundreds.

2. I have a fondness for lilies.
Being a professional murder doesn’t make me uncultured or unappreciative of beauty. Between jobs, I cultivate a garden of lilies in my penthouse apartment. My greatest treasure in my garden is the Great White Tiger Lily.

3. I murdered my parents.
As part of my training to become an assassin, I needed to kill my parents. My sansei said that to be an effective killer I needed to be removed from all relationships, even the deepest ties. While they slept, I took my bow and ended them.

4. I was raised in a secret ninja warrior cult.
I was born into an underground empire of secret ninjas. Beneath the streets of Tokyo, the Silent Finger has raised hundreds of the world’s greatest warriors. Some have become assassins, others political hitmen, like Delta Force. We are feared throughout the underworld.
Which is the lie?
Get it right, you live. Get it wrong…you know how this ends.