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I looked at Dr. Bradshaw like he had just told me that he had breed unicorns to sing Beethoven’s Fifth symphony. There was so much going on in the statement that he had just made that I took a step back.

To prove creationism, that was what he said. He had invented a time machine to prove that universe was made, rather than hobbled together over billions of years by chance and evolution. It stuck me as so bizarre. Why would this brilliant man, a genius who’s mind had clearly eclipsed Albert Einstein’s, want to prove something that was now regarded as myth?

Religion had largely given up it’s fight for a ‘creator’ of the universe. They had shifted their attentions to other things, so science just did away with what they had proven to be true. Evolution was the creating force of the universe.

Why would Dr. Bradshaw think differently? He had proven to be a man of science, not a man of myth. What was going on in his brain that would drive him to do this?

“So, are you going to come with me, John? Are you going to come with me and see the hand of God?”

I hesitated. There was a lot at stake all of the sudden. If I didn’t go, was I saying that I didn’t trust what humanity knew to be true? Did I lack faith in science? But if I went, what would we find?

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