All the content of the Internet had been erased. The five nations with control over the Internet, the physical wires, the massive databases and information centres, decided that the hate, the fire, the bitter attitudes of humanity did not need to immortalized. So they pulled the plug.

The world erupted in outrage, but all the Internet became was a single white homepage. It didn’t matter what URL was entered in, everything was redirected to the same white homepage.

There were different attempts to make another Internet. People tried to hobble together remnants and older versions of their sites. But the inability to connect, properly globally connect, brought attempt after attempt crumbling down. The Internet, as it was, had ceased.

This was the world’s reality for 25 years. A whole generation was born into a world that was not connected. They did not understand what ‘memes’ were. They did not know how to ‘troll’. And there arose a chance that they never would.

On the 26th anniversary, the five nations with control over what the Internet was opened up the architecture of the Web to one person, to craft and create The Net 2.0. The white home page is my canvas to create.

What should I do?

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