Superman doesn’t exist. Wonder Woman doesn’t exist. Batman doesn’t exist. At least not in this world, and not as you think you know them.

Another in the long list of amazing animated original movies by Warner Bros. Animation, but there is something missing, something wrong with this Justice League film. An easy fix, I believe, would make all the difference in the world.

Here’s how to fix Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

It’s actually quite simple. Make it clear that this is a world without our Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. It’s that easy.

This is an alternate reality, where a Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman do exist, but they are not the heroes that we know, nor do they resemble anything like them. They are quite different.

Alternate realities, alternative versions of characters is a normal thing in comic books. As a fan of comic books, especially DC Comics, I know that they can create some very interesting characters. And these characters are interesting. Being a twist on the DC “Trinity” makes for a unique world and a more unique interaction with characters in the DC Universe.

But that is all a waste if I don’t know that it is an alternate universe. Unless you read the DVD case, or look at the description of the film on Netflix before you select ‘Play’, you wouldn’t know.

Beyond that, there is nothing wrong with Justice League: Gods and Monsters. It is another solid animated film put out by the geniuses at Warner Bros. Animation. A solid 4 out of 5 star movie.

And that is HOW TO FIX IT!