I had only one notification.

I didn’t feel like getting back to work. My half hour lunch break was almost over, and that little red marker on my Facebook app was taunting me. If I actually checked it, I’d end up getting distracted by Becky and all her awesome photos.

She was amazing. So clever, so beautiful.

I knew I had little self control, and little time left before Travis came to find me and yell at me for something. He was always yelling at me for something. But I wanted to know. That little red notification was taunting me.

Okay, I can do this, I thought. I’ll see what this one notification is, then I’ll go back to work.

A click and a swipe revealed that it was nothing worthwhile. My mom had commented my name in some weird cooking video. I wasn’t going to check it out. She did that all the time, and was most often garbage.

I took a quick scroll down my timeline. I had a little bit of time. I didn’t normally look at the sidebar. It was often ads and boring stuff, but this time I stopped at ‘Trending’.

“Michael Lander.”

Why was my name trending? I looked closer. “Michael Lander. 1.8b are talking about this.” The ‘b’ stood for billion.


Oh no. It was Travis. I was late to get back to work. His ranting and raving were only background noise to the question in my head; what were 1.8 billion talking about me for?