It’s the last(latest?)  instalment of the X-Men movies following the First Class timeline/storyline. (X-Men movies are just confusing when it comes to timelines and characters and who is who. Bear with me and the confusion.)

It is arguably the worst in the franchise for numerous reasons. I’m going to talk about a few of them, because this could have been a fantastic movie.

Here is how to fix X-Men: Apocalypse.

I am not the biggest X-Men fan, but I do know some things about the characters. Like Jean Grey, she is not magically or mutantly powered to burn with fire in the shape of a bird. (That’s the Pheonix Force.) By not talking about, or leaving the idea that there is something crazy happening to Jean Grey to one scene where she is having a dream about it, you are completely blindsided by her ‘control’ or use of this power…which she never had until it was needed to defeat the villain.

If they wanted to set up the Pheonix Force, they could have hinted at it, created a mid credit scene to give us an idea that something is going to be happening that we should care about. Now…Jean Grey has firebird powers, why is that a problem?

And this leads into another problem, one that Marvel movies have as well. Every movie is a prequel/set up for the next movie. This movie is being played out in service of a future story…maybe. What happens if there isn’t another X-Men? This movie isn’t a whole story. And what is the point of this movie, this story, if it isn’t a whole piece by itself?

It’s sloppy story telling. It’s a money grab by studios. It needs to stop.

I don’t have any problems with Magneto/Erik trying to live a ‘normal’ life. Seeing the characters grow and change over 3 movies makes sense. That was great, but to see him be someone else’s servant was stupid. As an alpha male, as someone that wouldn’t bend to Professor X’s will, why would Magneto cave when Apocalypse comes around?

Team movies aren’t easy to do. And with so many big names on the screen now everyone needs so time in front for it to be worth it. This means you have to write/direct around your actors rather than having them work for the script. When that becomes the problem, less characters is better.

Not that I was disappointed with the actors and actresses cast in the different roles (Storm and Psylocke looked great), but they quickly become cannon fodder, or a subplot at abest. These characters are better than that.

Considering these things, even though they are big issues, would have changed X-Men: Apocalypse for the better. This 2 out of 5 star movie had the elements for greatness but missed it on the finally delivery.

And that is How To Fix It!