In the years of the Trump Administration, NASA suffered. Not that President Trump didn’t want to sent Americans into space. He rather fancied the idea of the Great Nation of America spreading it’s wings and conquering more territory.

But in his quest to “Make America Great Again”, he severed all the ties that NASA had made with other nations and their space programs. China backed out. India went solo, creating their own space station. Russia did open their doors to American astronauts, but no one wanted to go with the Cosmonauts. That only raised more political tension and global uncertainty.

It would take the outbreak of the superbug, East Nile Flu, and the deaths of 100 million people globally before people starting rethinking what they were doing.

As his last act as President, Trump turned the tables, and did something that would make America great again. He cut the US Military budget by 98%. The world stopped. The notion that America would not be policing the world was suddenly not a thought experiment anymore. This was real.

In his last tweet as POTUS, Trump said “We can’t fight this enemy with bullets and tanks. Science needs to take over. I wish I had done this sooner.”

586 billion US dollars were freed up and divided into the numerous government programs. NASA’s budget went from 18 billion to 150 billion.

I was director of the NASA space program at the time, and finally we were able to do what Dwight Eisenhower wanted when the program was first implemented. We can finally destroy Russia. We can finally colonize the moon. We can finally go to war with the Roswell Aliens.