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The name of Mordred took me back to the children’s books that my father had read to me as a child. The sworn enemy of King Arthur, though Arthur did slay him finally in battle, Mordred did wound the Once and Forever King.

While my father may have been reading those books to me to familiarize me with the players that hid behind a curtain on the world stage, the facts were obviously not true. Legend said that King Arthur killed Mordred. So how was he alive, with sons, causing chaos and havoc?

“We have saddled each of you with our finest steads, equip with all manner of weaponry that you may need to fight these forces of evil.”

The speaker didn’t stop his instructions for the Knights of The Round because of my thinking. Who would consider the bastard great grandson of the Dishonourable Lancelot?

“In one hour, we will all mount up and traverse to the land of our forefathers. There we will see what Mordred has done, and engage in violent conquest.”

His words were peppered with Old English, and he lacked any description. What were these steads? Actual horses? Were we being given swords and shields? To fight 21st century firearms? How did the Knights survive the erosion of time?

I looked again around the Table at the much older Knights. Were they up to a fight? Would they be able to stand up to an undead Mordred?