It’s the start of a new era! The Justice League is just forming, just meeting for the first time, and they are going to war!

Taking cues from the DC Comics ‘New 52’ comic series, it follows the story by the powerhouse,Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, with the Justice League fighting the cosmic darklord, Darkseid.

But does that make it perfect? Or great?

There are a couple things that should have been changed to make this a blockbuster start to the new New 52 animated universe.

Here’s How To Fix Justice League: War!

I have to say up front that I am a big fan of the source material. I have a copy of the comic sitting on my nightside beside my bed. I love my DC Comics. I love the Justice League, in all its variations. But this is not a perfect movie.

In the comic, Aquaman stands in the place of Shazam. But I do understand that Aquaman would be appearing in his own Justice League film after this one. But still, there were moments within the comic that would have been fantastic to see. Like Aquaman spearing a parademon through the face, or having him call a great white shark to eat a flock(gaggle/herd/bunch?) of parademons out of the air.

Another issue is the same issue with every origin story, the introductions get overwhelming and crowd out the story. We know who Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, all these characters are. Maybe not so much Cyborg or Shazam, but we don’t need to rehash everyone’s origin.

This is the nice thing in comics, you can do that in a text box without destroying the action or taking away from the story.

The last thing I wish they would have done differently is a problem with Superman. Whether it is in comics or movies, Superman is only so strong, until the story needs him to be stronger, then he is. Superman is defeated until he isn’t and he saves the day. It’s the problem of making someone infinitely strong.

I wish that there was some set limit on Superman’s powers. It would make things more interesting when Superman is defeated, leaving him to have to solve the problem without punching his way through. It would demand that Superman became more than a thug with a smile and a curl of hair.

Yes, I know this is a comic book cartoon. I know that it is all fictional. I just want the best quality of both. Justice League: War is still a 4 out of 5 star film, even with the little things that I wish I could tweak.

And that’s How To Fix It!