“In 200 words, explain why you believe that we cannot remember our past selves.”

My world religions professor was insane. Arguably brilliant, but insane. He was a firm believer that if you couldn’t explain a concept simply, you didn’t fully understand it. While I would agree with this conclusion, though Einstein said it first, it made for difficult assignments.

How was I a firm agnostic supposed to come up with some idea as to why I couldn’t connect with the memories of previous versions of me, when I didn’t believe that there were other me’s? I knew that my “girlfriend” would have no issues with completing the assignment. It helped that she believed she was once a butterfly and an ancient Chinese princess.

I could hear her now, complaining that I was blowing our only free night this week on a simple assignment. Why don’t you just believe what you know in your collective spirit to be true? She had used that argument so many times, for so many of these 200 word assignments. It was the one thing that drove me crazy about her. Her faith in something that wasn’t scientifically possible was too much for me to handle.

But maybe that was my angle, maybe it was the way to write my paper. The reason we can’t remember the past us was science…no. That was dumb. I was in for a long night, screaming girl friend and another failing grade on a paper.