Atlantis has declared war on the Surface Dwellers. Their queen has been assassinated.

Nope, that’s not right. I’m confusing the comic with the movie. There are too many elements that are similar, and yet, so much that is forgettable and reminiscent of other works that Justice League: Throne of Atlantis could have been a cheap rip off of another movie.

But I love DC Comics. I love the Justice League, and I think this movie could have been so much more. Here’s how to fix Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

First, the studio abandon the source material. When I posted about Justice League: War, I mentioned that Aquaman was replaced with Shazam. It made sense in regards to giving Aquaman his own movie, but because of that his own movie stinks.

In the comics, the Throne of Atlantis story grows out of what became Justice League:War. In the comics, Aquaman has been off with Justice League, fighting Darkseid, leaving things in Atlantis to boil. There are more characters involved. Their true intentions rather than trumped up “I want to rule everyone” or “You never liked me, Mom” issues.

In the comics, there was a logic and reason behind what everyone did, forcing an actual conflict that could not be solved by punching people. This made for a much more interesting comic book. Yes there were fights and punches thrown, but it was less an origin story and more a team building, world expanding story.

That takes me to number two.

It’s Aquaman’s origin story. And after 20 minutes of figuring out that his mom is the queen of Atlantis (which is nothing like the comics), Aquaman has completely mastered all function of his aqua powers, assumed command of the throne, and won the hearts of the people(?) of Atlantis. Why? Because he has to. It’s a movie about him.

And because it is a movie about him, Aquaman ends up the hero, saving humanity from a villain that he accidently created…that will haunt him forever…because he has only known the bad guy for 20 minutes.

(See why I don’t like origin movies…they make no sense when you actually start talking about them.)

My last problem with this film was the voice actors. Not with Aquaman in particular, but there is almost a whole cast turnover from Justice League: War to Throne of Atlantis. I know that actors and actresses get busy and can’t fit every little project into their schedules, but to have such vastly different voice for Superman and Green Lantern and Wonder Woman; it is off putting.

This all could have been avoided with a little patience, and some adherence to the source material, rather than rushing to crank out another animated film. Give us an Aquaman that knows what he is doing, rather than being a “fish out of water” or the butt end of every joke. Give us a villain that can’t be defeated by a simple punch to the nose. Give us something that is as compelling as a 20 page comic book.

This isn’t a terrible movie, but not as good as Justice League: War. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

And that’s How To Fix It!